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Online Building Departments


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For over a decade PDCS has provided superior building department services to Florida’s public agencies. PDCS is not a private provider.

PDCS is operated by building code professionals with a vision to provide effective, reliable, and financially responsible building department services to our communities. Through the years PDCS has maintained a successful record for operating building departments, managing commercial projects, and handling variations in the building/construction industry. All while continuing a seamless partnership between the private and public sectors.

The possibilities are endless when PDCS maintains your building department. Whether it is solely supplemental or even full building department services; PDCS is committed to providing convenient and knowledgeable customer service. We provide services ranging from pre-construction plan review to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.

PDCS provides more than just a partnership with it communities. We staff our building departments with individuals who are motivated in maintaining your community’s culture and ensuring its safety for future generations.

PDCS Personnel

PDCS utilizes a highly qualified staff with decades of experience as inspectors, plans examiners and building officials often employing individuals with multiple licenses. Our field staff and office personnel understand the unique scheduling needs of the construction and inspection industries and are always focused on helping our clients solve the complex problems that are inevitable when providing building department services.

Our building professionals work exclusively in maintaining the safety of the public by ensuring the building code is strictly followed. Each of our professionals is well versed in the knowledge of the Florida Building Code as well as their local building regulations. Our professionals are required to review these local ordinances, county regulations, and state codes frequently in order to ensure compliance with the current code and provide a safe living, working, or recreational area to the public.