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Xpress Plans


Xpress Plans offered by PDCS is dedicated to assisting Florida’s Building Officials keep up with the occasional overflow of pending plan review. Our service allows building officials to have access to qualified, multi-licensed, plan reviewers in one convenient location to utilize during peak times or as supplemental staff.

Xpress Plans services by PDCS:

  • Ensure high-quality and thorough building code plan review
  • Meet demand for plan review without having to increase or decrease staff
  • Alleviate the burden of numerous pending plan reviews
  • Improve services levels by increasing turnaround time
  • Maintain control of your plan review and permit approval process


How Xpress Plans Works

Our easy to use building department plan review service involves only 2 steps from you:

  1. Simply complete the Xpress Plan Transmittal Form for each pending plan review you would like completed.
  2. Place the plans in the supplied overnight delivery container and call the number on the container for pick up.

Once your plans are received, PDCS will review the plans in an expedient manner and overnight your plans with any comments back to you. During our review we will affix the required “Reviewed for Code Compliance” stamp with the discipline reviewed, plans examiner name and license number to each design document at completion of our review. A PDCS plan reviewer will provide a prompt and technically comprehensive review for compliance with all State of Florida Building Codes. Our professional plan review staff will conduct evaluations of each specific code discipline represented on construction drawings and compile areas of noted violation or concern. All reviews will be conducted using the plan review criteria for buildings per Section 106.3.5 Florida Building Code. At the end of the each month, PDCS will mail an invoice to your jurisdiction, with a list of the completed plan reviews.

Xpress Plan Pricing Structure

$0.10 per sq. ft. residential (new)
$0.20 per sq. ft. commercial (new)
* Fees include one re-review of revised plans on commercial projects
0.3% of dollar valuation for renovations
Fire Plan Review Service add 25%
Minimum plan review fee is $75
FREE Overnight Shipping – BOTH WAYS

NOT a Private Provider

PDCS does NOT offer any private provider services thereby making Xpress Plans the best service for Building Officials and public agencies without any perceived or potential conflicts of interest.